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dusk, (a self-mythology)


vol 1. time will forgive us all, eventually  

dusk posters for exhibition//

  ✧    ⦁ ⠀ ✧        ⦁ ⠀        ⦁ ⠀       ⠀    ⦁ ⠀  ⦁ ⠀⦁ ⠀ ⦁ ⠀  ⦁ ⠀ ✧  ⦁ ⠀    ⦁ ⠀     ⦁ ⠀       ⠀    ⦁                                            

Tasked with the creation of two paired posters pertaining to the theme of ‘Dusk’ I began considering what the word meant to me. It seemed the most efficient means of immersing myself in the subject matter was to go for a walk during this time, taking generalised notes in an attempt to capture the essence of dusk. In doing so I was met with the stoic and melancholy nature of this time… a transitory period where the world begins to decompress. I took a few pictures for reference and potential usage when developing a colour scheme at a later stage. The passage of time – a loneliness more prevalent than that of night, this seemed the most compelling lead.


Since my wandering had proved fruitful I was met with yet another consideration: how exactly do I capture these feelings? I was grasping at something nebulous and inexplicable so it seemed imperative to begin drafting up ideas that may bring me closer to capturing these feelings in a bell jar. I needed to distill the concept to something digestible and immediately understandable so I came up with three word that would be essential in representing the core themes of my poster which were: solitude, transition and descent.

I was so enamoured by these diagrams that I wanted to emulate the general style and feeling attached to these drawings. In them I felt they reflected the cosmic loneliness of man and our struggle to find meaning against insurmountable odds. These diagrams spoke to a stoic human desire to keep pushing onwards a transition that always concludes with an eventual descent – this was not dissimilar to how daylight slowly bled away as I stood in witness of this event. The idea was to create something that was warm and familiar but that also maintained a demeanour of vague unease… as if to hint towards the night that soon follows. My poster was intended to gently skirt along the surface and tease the gentle whisper of dusk – it should serve as an indirect reminder of our own grandiose idealism (and our relative insignificance in the theatre of what is to come).

◣ ◣ ◣ ◣  ◥ ◥ ◥ ◥   ••••••••••••  ◣ ◣ ◣ ◣  ◥ ◥ ◥ ◥   ••••••••••••  ◣ ◣ ◣ ◣  ◥ ◥ ◥ ◥


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who (are you)?

vol 2. a designer of things, probably...


A graphic designer of sorts... design has been a constant in my life since youth. I have extensive experience working with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver After Effects, 3ds Max. I am equipped with a constant curiosity which keeps me exploring new software and tools each day. 

In the past few years I have been studying within the field which has enabled me to learn a substantial amount about the structure and etiquette required to take my abilities into the professional world. To fund my studies, I have also been creating design in a freelance capacity whenever I can spare the time. Most of this work has centered around poster designs and branding packages for local businesses in Glasgow. For me this has been a deeply transformative and crucial period of my life. I pride myself in being personable, punctual and proactive, and am always eager to learn in both individual and team situations.

  ✧    ⦁ ⠀ ✧        ⦁ ⠀        ⦁ ⠀       ⠀    ⦁ ⠀  ⦁ ⠀⦁ ⠀ ⦁ ⠀  ⦁ ⠀ ✧  ⦁ ⠀    ⦁ ⠀     ⦁ ⠀       ⠀    ⦁                                            ✧


what (else)?

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